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Product classification
Fine Chemicals and Monomers
Packaging and Storage
Packaging:In bulk, container tanks or 200L drums.
Storage:Store at low temperatures and refrigerate in summer (lower than 15°C). Mode of transportation:Transported as Class 1 dangerous goods. Bulk goods can be transported in tankers
Product introduction

Molecular formula: C5H8

Product properties:

Luhua isoprene is manufactured from the C5 feedstocks derived from petroleum cracking to produce ethylene. The product is a colorless or slightly colored transparent flammable and explosive liquid. Specific gravity: 0.6806; Melting point: -147.7°C; Boiling point: 34.1°C; Flash point: -53.89°C; Auto-ignition point: 220°C; Explosive limit (V/V): 1.5~9.7%.

technical parameter
Ttypical PropertiesPolymeric grade isoprenetest method
AppearanceColorless or lightly colored transparent, free from mechanical impurities
Content,wt.ppm>99.2Chromatographic analysis
Isoprene dimer,wt.ppm<3000Chromatographic analysis
Cyclopentadiene,wt.ppm<15Chromatographic analysis
Total alkynes,wt.ppm<50Chromatographic analysis
piperylene,wt.ppm<80Chromatographic analysis
 DM F,wt.PPm<10Chromatographic analysis
Sulfur,wt.ppm<5GB 6324.4
Carbonyl compounds,wt.ppm<10GB 6324.5
Moisture content,wt.ppm<200GB/T 6283
 TBC,wt.PPm<20-150GB 6020


Note: 1) DMF is dimethylformamide. 2) TBC is 4-(1,1-dimethylethyl)-1,2-benzenediol

Product application

Isoprene is an important C5 diolefin that can be polymerized to synthesize rubber, plastics and other synthetic materials as well as terpenes compounds. It has a typical conjugated double bond structure which is chemically active, it can also be used in the synthesis of fragrances, pesticides, drugs and other fine chemicals through various chemical reactions.