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Product classification
Fine Chemicals and Monomers
Packaging and Storage
Packaging:In bulk, container tanks or 200L drums.
Storage:Store at low temperatures and refrigerate in summer (lower than 15°C. Transportation:It shall be transported as Class 1 dangerous goods. Bulk goods can be transported in tankers.
Product introduction

Molecular formula:C10H12

Product properties:

Luhua piperylene is a colorless or slightly colored transparent flammable and explosive liquid with a purity ~65-75%. It is manufactured from the C5 feedstocks as by-products of petroleum cracking to produce ethylene,.  

technical parameter
Appearance Colorless or lightly colored transparent
piperylenewt  %68min
Color codewt ppm100max
DCPDwt  %0.4max
Isoprenewt  %0.9 max
CIS-1,3-Pentadienewt  %42.5 Min
Water%wt ppm300max
Polymerization inhibitors
     TBC( T-tert Butyl catechol)
wt ppm100~150
Product application

Piperylene is mainly used as a raw material for the production of C5 petroleum resins and methyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride curing agent